Late 1960s Meredew teak 6 drawer chest by Peter Liley

Late 1960s Meredew teak 6 drawer chest by Peter Liley

See our blog about this stylish chest from a range introduced in 1969 as the imaginatively named ” New Teak Bedroom ” range ! We’ve not found any other mention of Peter Liley and Meredew rarely mentioned designers names . Only this and 2 other related ranges by him along with a sideboard designed by Robert Heritage are named in any of the catalogues we have .

We also have an 8 drawer chest of the same size from this range which we bought at the same time . Both are priced at £650 individually  , or £1175 for the 2 . The 8 drawer chest gives you more storage , but this one looks smarter we think as it’s on taller legs . Both are 132cms wide , 71cms high and just under 46cms deep ( plus a little for projecting handles ) .

It’s an ideal size for use both as a bedroom piece or for a living room . It would work beautifully as a TV stand or for a stereo system as the height is ideal and similar to that of a short sideboard .

We’ve had a couple of other pieces from this range over the years , but not many as it wasn’t bought in large numbers back in the day .

It’s been given a light clean and oil , and has come up really well . There are no obvious scratches or marks , just minor signs of wear that you have to expect if you look extremely closely at any vintage piece . The legs will be re-glued as the joints are slightly loose as the original glue is drying out slightly .

Price: SOLD

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