Matched set of 8 A Younger teak dining chairs refurbished to order

Matched set of 8 A Younger teak dining chairs refurbished to order

A customer who had inherited a set of 4 of these stylish chairs asked if we could source some more of them to make up a set of 8. Luckily we had 4 in stock needing cleaning and re-upholstery. The customer brought their 4 to the warehouse and we had all 8 cleaned and oiled to match and then upholstered in their choice of fabric.

Each set of 4 had 3 chairs with slightly loose joints , so they were  taken apart and re-glued . We often find that after 40 or 50 years in a warm house that glued chair joints start to dry out and loosen . Some models are easier to take apart than others , and as with these chairs it can take a lot of time to gently remove the legs to re-do them .

After re-gluing and cleaning the frames , our in-house restorer had to match the colour of the 2 sets as each had been in differing sunlight so were slightly different.  After a lot of work they now look as if they’d always been together.

In the 1950s and 1960s many people only bought sets of 4 or 6 chairs  and as today we’re often asked for sets of 8 or more we do look to make up larger sets in this way. Certain models are easier to source than others. Not all of them are popular today! People often think that it’s easy a really cheap way of finding a large set but there is a lot of time and thus expense involved in cleaning and polishing them all to match successfully.

Now we’re looking for a large enough table that will work well with them ! If you have a set of 4 chairs that you’re looking to extend by buying more let us know as we may have the right model in stock , sometimes including rarer carver chairs.

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