McIntosh mid 1960s Dundas teak dining cabinet / sideboard

McIntosh mid 1960s Dundas teak dining cabinet / sideboard

These lovely cabinets by McIntosh were made for a short time in the mid-1960s . This version in teak was called the Dundas , but they also produced a more expensive version in rosewood called the Dunsyre . In their 1966 catalogue it was described as a sideboard , but we do think it’s more a cabinet than a sideboard . It’s cross between a dining room sideboard and a living room cocktail cabinet . It doesn’t appear in any of the late 1960s catalogues we have we don’t think it was made for more than 2 or 3 years .

This is McIntosh furniture at its finest , at a time when they were appealing not only to the middle market but were making some more costly up-market pieces . The British economy was about to take a turn for the worse and along with higher taxation for higher earners it was a market that was soon to be hit by a fall in demand .

Most buyers of contemporary furniture were buying long low sideboards for their dining rooms , and indeed this one came from a house which also had a G Plan Fresco sideboard . This one was obviously considered to be more of a living room piece . It’s a model that we’ve always looked to buy over the years , even when they weren’t as popular as they are today .

It’s 132cms high , 112cms wide . The 1966 catalogue describes it as having ” 2 commodious cupboards fitted with full and half shelves . There are 2 drawers with recessed handles , one lined for cutlery ” .

This one has been given a light clean and oil , and we bought it from the family of the original owners who had it since new . It had a few small marks to the top , which we’ve now removed so it’s ready for the next 50 something years in it’s history .

Price: SOLD

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