McIntosh teak Moy sideboard

McIntosh teak Moy sideboard cleaned and oiled 152.5cms

This lovely sideboard is now just over 50 years old and still looks youthful after a light clean . Unusually it’s stamped with a date of July 1968 .

We sourced it from the family of the original owner in Scotland and it was in good vintage condition when it arrived . All it needed was a quick clean and oil for it to look great . There are no obvious marks or scratches or other damage .

The Moy is the shorter version of the McIntosh Dunvegan which was by far their most successful design . The Moy came later and is seen far less often than it’s big brother . The last one we had went to Spain , and in the past we have sent them to the Far East and other parts of Europe as well as to British customers .

Materials: Teak

Price: SOLD

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