Meredew teak wardrobe designed 1969 by Peter Liley 121 cms wide

Meredew teak wardrobe designed 1969 by Peter Liley 121 cms wide

This lovely wardrobe is in great vintage condition . It came with matching pieces that may have sold to a customer before they reached the website ! Luckily for us it came directly from a bungalow so didn’t need to come apart to take it from the house of the original owners who had it from new c 1970 . The last 36 years it’s been in a spare bedroom so hardly ever used . All we needed to do was remove some paint splashes from 1 side .

It’s 121 cms wide , 172 cms high and 57 cms deep . The interior is hanging space only . As you’ll see it retains it’s original assembly  instructions in case it does need to come apart to reach it’s next home !

It’s from a rarely seen range designed by the little known Peter Liley which was introduced in 1969 .  It was imaginatively called ” The new teak bedroom range ” in the Meredew 1969 catalogue . This is the early version with dished oval handles that can’t have been made for long as it doesn’t turn up very often . The later ones have flat handles which must have been cheaper to produce , but are nowhere near as smart . The 1970’s were a time when  companies like MFI and Schreiber were taking a growing share of the British furniture market by making  and selling cheap , mass produced furniture on an industrial scale by reducing quality . The British economy was also struggling so better quality makers were losing market share .

The teak veneers are particularly nice on this wardrobe which is on small wheels which move nicely .

Price: SOLD

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