Mid 1960s White + Newton Winchester teak sideboard

Mid 1960s White + Newton Winchester teak sideboard .

White + Newton of Portsmouth were a quality British maker of contemporary furniture who under the design direction of Arthur Edwards had moved away from traditional styles in the late 1950s . He was replaced circa 1964 by the talented young designer Philip Hussey , and the Winchester is one of his earliest designs for the company . This lovely sideboards shows some distinctive features which were typical of the direction in which he would take the company . Philip Hussey worked for White + Newton until they closed circa 1984 and in the 1960s and early 1970s created some of the best British sideboard and cabinet designs of the time . The sleek clean lines are something that made many of his pieces stand out from the crowd , attracting buyers who wanted something more stylish than G Plan , but at a similar price .

White + Newton in the 1960s were still using proper traditional cabinet making techniques using skilled workmen who had gone through a typical 6 year apprenticeship . Unfortunately the financial pressures of the 1970s and changes in style meant that this way of working gradually was to disappear . White + Newton like G Plan at this time used a polyurethane finish on their pieces which if treated properly gave a very resilient surface . In this particular case it’s obvious that the previous owner was careful and didn’t degrade the finish by using the wrong furniture sprays which over time can lead to the surface suffering and being liable to heat and water marks etc . All that was needed was a dust , and perhaps the use of a wax polish occasionally .

As a result this lovely sideboard is in great vintage condition with only very minor signs of wear which you have to expect after some 50 years of use . You’d have to inspect it closely to see a slight split to the teak veneer in one corner and the odd small and minor mark . Do remember that despite what many sellers say on Ebay etc the vast majority of sideboards are just teak veneered and not solid teak .

This particular one has a lovely figured grain to the doors something that people at the time wouldn’t always get as they would often be bought from catalogues or a shop or exhibition display . Its rather smaller than the usual 6ft ( 183cms ) or 7ft ( 213 cms ) sideboards at 5ft 6″ ( 168cms ) .

We have had this model before , but it’s a couple of years since we last had one . Firstly White + Newton were a much smaller firm than G Plan and McIntosh , but also they produced far more models than G Plan in particular so you won’t see many others around .

Materials: teak

Dimensions: 168cms long 75 high 43 deep

Price: SOLD

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