Mid Century Scandinavian Armchair

Mid Century Scandinavian armchair for re upholstery.

We’ve actually had the identical chair for sale about 3 years ago , and it was in the same blue original fabric ! There were so many small makers in Denmark in the early 1960s all making variations on what we now consider to be a classic armchair model of the period .

These great Danish armchairs work well as single chairs or in groups , whether in coordinating fabrics or related fabrics. As with this one the teak legs of most Danish armchairs were designed to unscrew .

Our upholsterer will charge around £250 for re-upholstery and this will include using a fire-retardant barrier fabric to crib 5 , or feel free to use your own upholsterer. It will need approx 4 meters of fabric. Fabric samples and costings on request. Approx total price £900.

We usually have a good number of such quality chairs in stock.

Materials: Teak

Price: £450 as seen

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