Mid-Century Staples Ladderax systems to order with various options

Mid-Century Staples Ladderax systems to order with various options currently available .

We’ve recently been lucky and sourced a number of vintage Staples Ladderax systems . We also have a large system currently hired out to a Film Company which should be returning to us in late June/early July 2017 . This means we can customise systems and layouts to suit potential customers depending on the components we have available .

We suggest you start by reading our Buyers Guide to Ladderax Click Here as it will point out various important points to take into account when buying vintage Ladderax pieces . Please ask us questions , and we’ll add anything to this blog if we think it will help buyers in their choices .

At present we have a number of wood ladders , black metal ladders , and also some bronze/gold metal ladders . As virtually every vintage system comes with a fall front bureau please remember that this is the cheapest element . We currently have 6 or 7 of them in varying condition . We have a good quantity of shelves of varying depth , the shallower ones are a lot cheaper than the deepest ones .

3 Drawer chests are very popular , as are the sliding door cabinets , whether glazed or with teak doors . There is also a fall front cocktail cabinet which is deeper than the bureau , but otherwise looks the same externally . We only have 1 cocktail cabinet . We also have a rare small wardrobe which is listed separately . We may also have 1 reading shelf which can be angled .

Let us know the type of layout you would ideally like , and we will see what we can make up from the various components we have , and let you know our price . As our blog will tell you , we find that Ladderax pieces can come in varying condition . Some we have to restore and re-polish because the vintage condition is not great , and  some pieces have been given a darker varnish or stain . We will send you photos of the main pieces , and tell you about any obvious damage to shelves etc .

Materials: teak and metal

Dimensions: 201 cms high , 89cms per bay width


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