Mini G Plan Fresco teak sideboard 127cms

Mini G Plan Fresco teak sideboard 127cms

This is an adaptation from a rare G Plan highboard that was only made around 1968 for a short time . We’ve also re-purposed the caned top section and will be listing that separately . We’ve seen one other dealer adapt the original highboard in a similar way , but without saying that it’s been done ! The way our restorer has finished this piece with original moulding it is only obvious that it is a conversion to those who know that G Plan never made such a short sideboard as this . There are no marks or obvious scratches and the interior is also very clean .

We’re constantly being asked for sideboards under 150cms but very few were ever made in the 1960s and 70s . G Plan , McIntosh and others did make shorter versions of their long sideboards but most are 5ft long which is 152.5cms . The G Plan 5ft sideboard is taller than this with 3 drawers along the top and we don’t think it looks as nice as this one .

Price: £700

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