Nathan 1970s nest of stool/tables glass and teak

Nathan 1970s nest of stool/tables glass and teak

You’ll often see  these circular coffee tables without the 3 nesting lemon shaped stools/tables . The 1976 Nathan catalogue we have shows the smaller tables being used as stools , which surprised us when we saw the photo as we automatically always thought they were to be used as side tables . We wonder how many people used them as stools ! In 1976 they were selling for £72 the full set which is £555 in todays money . Amazingly we saw a set on Houss at exactly that price today . Current new Nathan coffee tables of similar size with glass cost even more today .

This one in good vintage condition , with some scratches and signs of wear to the stools . We stock these tables with or without the stools to sell to foreign trade customers as part of bulk purchases . So if that’s you and you want to know our price and current availability just ask . We welcome trade customers from Europe and further afield .

We try to have a good mix of buyable well made British 1960s and 1970s furniture available for trade purchase , and will source other pieces for customers .

Dimensions: 84 cms diameter 51 high


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