Pair of 1970s G Plan Fresco teak bedside cabinets

Pair of 1970s G Plan Fresco teak bedside cabinets

Considering how successful the G Plan Fresco range was from 1968 until the late 1970s it’s surprising how few of these practical bedsides come up for sale . Maybe it’s because the continental headboard was popular at the time , or perhaps it was just a matter of them being considered more of a luxury extra to a bedroom set . We do find the odd single one appearing , but its not often that they appear as an original pair like this set do , so we usually have to create a matched pair by picking them up separately .

One of them is in very good vintage condition , the other shows slightly more signs of use , but there is no really bad marks or scratches .

They’re a really useful size at 46cms wide , 53cms high and just under 41cms deep


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