Pair of Vintage British Armchairs

Pair of Vintage British Armchairs for re upholstery.

We don’t know who the maker of these lovely chairs is, but they are really nice quality with good detailing so they will have been expensive when new. The shaping of the arms with the gap under the Afromosia teak is much more detailed than the use of standard teak panels which are what is usually found on more standard models.
So far all we’ve done is clean and polish the afromosia teak legs ( which unscrew ) and the arm panels.

To meet UK 1988 Fire Regulations our upholsterer would use a Fire Retardant Barrier fabric before your choice of fabric which needs to meet UK standards if being sold to a UK buyer, either for domestic use or to crib 5 for commercial use. With a little imagination this pair of armchairs could look stunning, just recently we have used a bright yellow wool that would really wake them up, dark blue velvet? pale grey linen? the choice is yours. We are happy to help with fabric samples and costings. Good quality chairs, well worth upholstering.

Expect to pay around £500 + Vat to have the pair re upholstered, depending on details required like piping etc .They will need 6 meters of fabric.

Materials: Teak

Price: SOLD

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