Quality Vanson sideboard in teak and rosewood c 1963 190cms not Peter Hayward

Quality Vanson sideboard in teak and rosewood c 1963 190cms not Peter Hayward

This really smart and unusual design with it’s curved ends has always been described as being designed by Peter Hayward . Our research through original 1960s copies of The Cabinet Maker trade magazine has recently disproved this attribution ! It was launched at the Manchester Furniture Exhibition in 1963 and was then described by Vanson as being designed by a then recently graduated designer called Robert Macarthur . If you go to our www.pureimaginations.co.uk website you’ll find a blog about this model and it’s designer   .http://www.pureimaginations.co.uk/the-lovely-vanson-sideboard-that-wasnt-designed-by-peter-hayward/

Vanson was the trade name for the small go-ahead maker W.G.Evans who used Peter Hayward for many now well known designs in the late 1950s . They also used Nigel Walters in the early 1960s , but took on Robert McArthur in 1962 when he graduated from Shoreditch College .

In 1963 this sideboard was priced at about 20%-25% more than standard mid-market models by G Plan . Expensive features such as the unusual bowed ends , the use of rosewood veneers for the front and sycamore for the interior cupboards would all have made this an expensive model to produce . Today 20% more doesn’t seem a lot , but in the 1960s it was the difference between a standard piece and an up-market piece . Vanson seems to have disappeared by the late 1960s when the British economy was struggling and wealthier people were being more heavily taxed . It’s a model that comes up for sale occasionally , but was never sold in large numbers at the time . We haven’t had one for 5 or 6 years .

We can’t think of any British or Scandinavian sideboard with curved ends . McIntosh and a couple of other British makers combined rosewood and teak in the same model very occasionally . The base is also a very unusual and stylish feature .

It’s been cleaned and oiled , and there are no obvious marks or bad scratches , just very minor signs of wear that you have to expect if you look extremely closely at any vintage piece . Its 190cms long , 71cms high and 48cms deep .


Price: SOLD

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