Quirky 1960s Beautility teak sideboard 183cms

Quirky 1960s Beautility teak sideboard 183cms

We don’t usually buy Beautility sideboards but now and again one catches our eye , and although this is a love or hate piece it does offer fantastic value in today’s market .

Beautility made a surprising number of different models , and many like this aren’t labelled . The construction of the top is fairly recogniseable , and like this one many have curving shape to the front which no other maker seems to have been able to produce . A feature we always like on a sideboard is the use of internal drawers hidden behind cupboard doors .

Like all Beautility sideboards its 183cms long ( 6ft ) , and its 76cms high and 45cms at its deepest .

It’s been cleaned and oiled but you will still see a scratch to the top , but no doubt this can be covered by a vase or a bowl , and it is reflected in our price .

Price: SOLD

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