Rare 1960s McIntosh teak sideboard 175cms

Rare 1960s McIntosh teak sideboard 175cms

After selling hundreds of McIntosh teak sideboards in the last 8 years we’re still finding models we’ve never had before nor seen in our collection of catalogues ! Here’s one that came into us looking rather tired after some 50 years of use . Luckily McIntosh teak sideboards of this era don’t have a horrible varnish on them so they are relatively easy to clean and restore .

When we took it in the doors weren’t shutting properly and the top had a few marks from careless use . Now the doors work perfectly , the marks are gone and it’s been oiled and looks back to how it would have looked when new apart from minor signs of wear that you have to expect if you look extremely closely .

It’s a lovely medium size at 175cms long , 46cms deep and 81.5cms in height .

Back in the 1960s when it was made it was probably a little too minimalist in style so didn’t sell in large numbers and was therefore withdrawn. Today the clean lines work well with today’s aesthetic .

Price: SOLD

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