Rare Dalescraft 1960s walnut sideboard

Rare Dalescraft 1960s walnut sideboard on a teak mounted metal legs . Dalescraft were a small up-market quality maker based in Pudsey near Leeds , and their pieces were usually designed by Malcolm David Walker who owned and ran the family business until he retired in the 1980s . This piece was bought directly from the daughter of a lady who worked for Dalescraft in the 1960s , and was apparently a wedding present . We have not seen this model before , and it could possibly be a prototype design that was never put into production .

We are always looking for Dalescraft pieces as they’re particularly well made and often have a Scandinavian influence . Most of their pieces from the late 1950s were made from afromosia or a dark walnut , then in the 1960s they’re usually made from teak . In the late 1960s many makers were looking to find alternatives to teak¬† and rosewood , and it may be that this one in walnut on teak mounted legs was made to see if it was likely to be worthy of putting in to full time production . From what we see on the market we believe that c 1970 Dalescraft moved out of the domestic market and in to commercial work , as they fitted out the Courts in Leeds and other projects before closing completely in the early to mid 1980s .

The handles look to be afromosia or dark teak , and as you would expect from Dalescraft the build quality is excellent .

Our price includes re-polishing the walnut as there are a few marks after nearly 50 years of use .

Materials: walnut and teak

Dimensions: 198cms long , 45 deep 75.5 high

Price: £775

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