Rare McIntosh short teak + rosewood sideboard . We’ve never seen a rosewood fronted McIntosh sideboard of this size before , although we’ve once had the longer Dunvegan version similarly finished with a rosewood veneer to the front , leaving the rest of the carcase in the usual teak . This smaller version of the Dunvegan was marketed as the Moy sideboard .

When it arrived the rosewood had faded rather , but now it’s been cleaned and re-polished it looks fab with the unusual contrast of the rosewood front with the teak top and sides .

It will date to the mid 1960s . There were no obvious marks or damage when we got it , it just needed a light clean and polish to restore it to it’s former glory .

You will probably see 4 or 5 of the longer Dunvegans for every 1 of the shorter Moy version so today there is a premium to be paid .

Materials: Rosewood, teak

Dimensions: 152.5cms long 45.5 deep + handles74.5 high

Price: SOLD

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