Rare Meredew late 1960s teak sideboard

Rare Meredew late 1960s teak sideboard . We’ve had it cleaned and re-polished as it was looking a little neglected after some 40 plus years of use . It now looks stunning .

It appears in a Spring 1969 Meredew brochure we have where it’s named The Lancer ! Meredew’s 2 other sideboards at the time were called Shara , and Rajah . The Lancer is described as  ” a smaller sideboard with dash and style ”  and ” note particularly the fine figure of the grain , the handles sculptured into the front , and the capacious interior fittings ” . Sometimes catalogue photos show a better piece than many that were produced , but not in this instance as indeed the teak has a beautiful and noticeable grain to it .

In 1969 , this sideboard was priced at £46 12 shillings , which in 2017 terms apparently works out at £743 . Before finding this out we had a discussion as to what to price it at , and had decided at either £725 or £750 ! We’ve thought it fitting that it should actually be £743 !! The sad thing is that today a piece of this size and quality produced in the UK would have to be priced at around £2500 on the High Street .

We think its more stylish and of equal standard to G Plan and McIntosh sideboards , and in it’s day it was in the same price range for its size . Read our blog about Meredew as it gives a little bit more information about them . We can’t understand why their sideboards didn’t sell in  greater numbers when they are so stylish , and yet their more pedestrian bedroom furniture was extremely popular .

Meredew was a family firm that dated back to c 1880 , we don’t know if they reached their centenary . If you have any information about this company who were based in Letchworth Garden City in the 1950s , 60s and at least up to 1974  , please let us know . We like to have background history to British makers and designers . The designers in the UK were little known unlike those in Denmark at the time .

Materials: teak

Dimensions: 182cms long , 46.5 deep 79cms high

Price: SOLD

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