A Rare Staples Ladderax teak wardrobe

A rare Staples Ladderax teak wardrobe here shown on wood ladders , but we’re just offering the wardrobe . You can either buy it to add to your own system , or swap it with something that’s on a system that we’re selling .

Ladderax systems were often used in bedrooms or studio apartments in the 1960s and 70s , so a small wardrobe unit was a clever addition to their range of drawers , secretaries and shelves .

As of May 2017 , we have a great selection of Ladderax pieces available including black metal ladders , bronze/gold ladders and the wood ladders shown here . We can presently create a bespoke system if you know which pieces you’d like .

This wardrobe unit is standard Ladderax width at 89.5cms , so just under 3ft which was the usual width of a small wardrobe in the 60s and 70s .

It’s in good vintage condition .

Materials: teak

Price: SOLD

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