Rarely seen Beithcraft teak highboard c 1970

Rarely seen Beithcraft teak highboard c 1970

Possibly designed by Val Rossi who designed many of their pieces in the late 1960s and early 1970s , this is a version of the more commonly seen long sideboard with same handles . We’ve had the sideboard a couple of times . Beithcraft furniture is always known for being good quality .

At this time in the late 1960s and early 1970s they used a high gloss polyurethane varnish as did many makers . This varnish was very protective , but also hard to remove for re-polishing . There is one slight ring mark to the sideboard surface , but otherwise the polish is in good vintage condition . As is often the case the legs have had a few knocks from vacuum cleaners over the years . If you want to see any further photos showing condition please ask .

As you’ll see the cutlery drawer still has its original bright pink baize lining which is in lovely clean condition , so on the whole it’s been well looked after .

Highboards currently offer great value , and provide a lot of storage space . We only buy a few of them , choosing the rarest most stylish and well made models .

Beithcraft always seem to have chosen teak veneers with attractive grains , and this is definitely the case with this one . This is a sign of quality as these would have been more expensive to buy than plainer ones . Beithcraft were a much smaller company than their Scottish competitors McIntosh who eventually took them over in the late 1970s . Val Rossi started as a designer at McIntosh before moving to Beithcraft .

Dimensions: 160cms wide 144.5cms high 46 deep

Price: SOLD

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