Rarely seen McIntosh 1960s teak sideboard

Rarely seen McIntosh 1960s teak sideboard

This stylish McIntosh sideboard is a longer version of their Eden sideboard which turns up occasionally , but we’ve never seen this longer version before . It’s been cleaned and oiled as there were a few small minor marks after some 50 years , but these are now gone . The best McIntosh sideboards have a little extra quality to the manufacture and to the veneers they used . You’ll see plenty of standard Dunvegans and Dunfermlines , which were both made for many years on a production line , but every so often you’ll see rarer models like this which were often made for large exhibitions and they just have that something that makes them stand out from the standard models .

Occasionally you’ll find a version of the Dunvegan that like this is symmetrical with drawers at each end and only 2 cupboards . We’ve found the shorter Eden in a January 1965 catalogue , and it’s the same as this but with only one set of drawers with the 2 cupboards , so this will date to around 1965 . The Mid-1960s was the best period for McIntosh and with other makers as by 1967 the British economy was suffering various problems which led manufacturers to consolidate their designs , and also reduce quality .

We can’t find it shown in any of fairly complete set of McIntosh catalogues , nor found it illustrated in trade publications of the time when we’ve been researching British furniture design of the 1960s . We certainly haven’t had another before , and we’ve sold lots of McIntosh sideboards in the last 10 years , and seen many hundreds more online .

It’s 228.5cms long which is longer than the usual McIntosh sideboards , the Dunvegan is around 206cms , and most other long models such as the Dunfermline are 213cms ( 7ft ) . So it was aimed at a wealthier buyer , and was possibly shown at one of the exhibitions at Earls Court in London or similar . The height is fairly typical for McIntosh at 78cms as is the depth of 46cms plus handles .

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