Rarely seen McIntosh teak Tiel sideboard early 1970s

Rarely seen McIntosh teak Tiel sideboard early 1970’s

One of our all time favourite McIntosh sideboards. It has been 4 or 5 years since we last had one. The fluted fin handles are so much nicer than the handles on the standard Dunvegan sideboards which were made for over 20 years. It was introduced in around 1972 and only made for a couple of years and was noticeably more expensive than the Dunvegan and Dunfermline so doesn’t come up for sale very often.

It came to us in good vintage condition and so it only needed a light clean and oil. There are no obvious marks or scratches, just the very minor signs of wear that you have to expect on any vintage piece of furniture after over 40 years of careful use.

Materials: Teak

Dimensions: 200cm x 42cm, height 78cm

Price: SOLD

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