Re-furbished 60s Dalescraft teak table + 6 chairs

Re-furbished 60s Dalescraft teak table + 6 chairs.

The small quality firm of Dalescraft deserves to be better known as they produced some of the best British teak furniture in the early 1960s .They were a premium brand with a good designer called Malcolm D Walker who was heavily influenced by contemporary Danish designs .
The table starts as 133cms x 90cms , and the leaf adds 61cms . It will seat 6 comfortably , and 8 less comfortably when extended . Unusually for a British table the legs can be removed for easy delivery . The chairs have a lovely Danish style detailing to the backs .

The table was badly faded when we sourced it , but now has been fully re-polished so that the large leaf which was unfaded now matches the rest perfectly again . The chair seats have been re-upholstered in a good quality fabric , and the chair frames have been lightly cleaned and re-polished .


Price: SOLD

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