Re-polished McIntosh Glencraig teak sideboard c 1970

Re-polished McIntosh Glencraig teak sideboard c 1970

One of the rarely seen McIntosh models from the late 1960s , this sideboard was about 10% more expensive than the Dunvegan which is the most commonly seen of the McIntosh sideboards .

This Glencraig one has a particularly striking grain to the doors . As most sideboards were bought from catalogue illustrations or from seeing one in a shop or at an exhibition the first owner would never know how nice a figure to the teak they would actually get until it arrived ! This owner must have been particularly happy when it was delivered .

It had a few marks and minor signs of wear when we sourced it , but after a good clean and polish the exterior looks really smart with no obvious marks or damage . As you’ll see the interior does still have some marks , but these can be removed for an extra charge .

It’s not a model that’s seen so often . we’ve probably only had 3 or 4 in the last 6 years , whereas in the same time we’ve had around 30 of the standard Dunvegan’s .

Materials: teak

Dimensions: 213cms long 81 high 46 deep

Price: SOLD

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