Re-worked 1960s Poul Hundevad light oak bookcases

Re-worked 1960s Poul Hundevad light oak bookcases

We have 2 of this size and 1 smaller one . This one is 138.5cms wide 150cms high and 30.5 deep . The smaller one is 108cms wide , same height and depth . We also have matching cupboards on which they would originally have stood .

Some of them have Poul Hundevad branded marks and Danish Furniture Control labels on them . These sets from the 1960s were top quality and very popular at the time with Danish buyers . They would have been made at the time in rosewood , teak , or less often in this light oak . In Denmark today you’ll find a lot of new pieces made of an even lighter bleached oak , and it works really well in today’s homes . The best systems like this have fully finished surfaces so are great when like this they are put on new metal hairpin legs . The cheaper systems are not so well finished and don’t look so good when re-worked .

The shelves are adjustable , so great for those with loads of books of different sizes .

This one has a small hole in the back for slotting through some wiring , but this won’t be seen once books are in place .

When they came to us they had a few small marks and minor damage , but after cleaning , restoration and re-polishing they’re now in lovely condition .

We’re pricing them singly , but we will do a better price for pairs or groups .


Materials: light oak

Price: £475 EACH

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