Richard Hornby for Fyne Ladye Furniture dark teak writing table

Richard Hornby for Fyne Ladye Furniture dark teak writing table .

In dark teak or possibly afromosia this stylish piece is recogniseably one of Richard Hornby’s designs for the small British quality maker Fyne Ladye Furniture of Banbury . Richard Hornby was a very accomplished designer who was working in the late 1950s and early 60s . Fyne Ladye pieces are of similar quality to those of Dalescraft and Younger at this period , and all were up-market makers producing stylish contemporary pieces using highly skilled cabinet makers . Later Younger pieces from circa 1968 are not on a par with much of their earlier pieces .

We’ve seen nothing from this company that would appear to have been made after the mid 1960s . As yet we’ve not found any catalogues , but have recently bought a 1961 price list which lists a bureau of same width and depth , but different height . Certainly their 1961 prices were much higher than those of large mid-market companies such as G Plan .

Its in good vintage condition with original red/orange imitation leather writing surface . There is one slight small ring mark to the top surface which is visible in strong light , but may not be seen in normal domestic lighting . We collected it from the previous owner , and only saw this when we took it outside into bight sunlight . We find this quite often when we collect pieces from houses and auctions . Daylight and the lighting in our photography area shows slight marks that are not always visible elsewhere !

Materials: afromosia /dark teak

Dimensions: 91.5cms wide , 101.5 high , 58 deep

Price: £675

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