Robert Heritage Hamilton walnut sideboard by Archie Shine

Robert Heritage Hamilton walnut sideboard by Archie Shine

Designed in 1957 and awarded a Design Council Design of the Year in 1958 , the Hamilton sideboard was probably the first long low British made sideboard and like so many great pieces it was ahead of it’s time and it was a forerunner of the form that was to dominate the contemporary market¬† throughout the 1960’s . It was a little faded and looking a bit lacklustre after some 60 years of use , but after cleaning it now looks fabulous . The walnut veneers to the top have a lovely figure to the grain .

Robert Heritage like his Danish counterpart Kaare Klint was very concerned about how his pieces would be used and what they would be intended to hold as well as how they were to look . Archie Shine was a top end maker who started out making reproduction furniture , but soon transformed his business by using Heritage as his chief designer in around 1956/57 . Archie Shine pieces were sold through shops like Heals of London and were well known for their quality as well as the choice of woods and veneers that he used in his pieces . They were always expensive and Archie was very concerned that everything that left his factory was perfect . We talked to someone who worked as an assistant to Robert Heritage at Archie Shines who told us a lovely story about Archie losing his temper when he saw something that wasn’t up to his high standard !

It’s 228.5cms long ( 7ft 6″ ) , 51cms deep and 76cms high .

Price: £1675

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