Robert Heritage teak Planar dining table by Archie Shine

Robert Heritage teak Planar dining table by Archie Shine

These lovely tables don’t turn up very often , and when they do it’s often the rosewood version . The contrast between the teak tops  and  the aluminium pedestals is a great feature . They’ll comfortably seat 6 people , but can easily take up to 8 . The chairs we’ve shown with it in a couple of the photos are from the same range , but with rosewood veneers . It came with 6 Merrow Associates chairs which are less bulky . The Merrow chairs needed re-upholstery , and as the Planar chairs coincidentally arrived separately we decided to use them in the photos instead .

Pedestal bases are great as everybody gets plenty of legroom . If needed the top easily can be removed for ease of moving , great if you have a difficult doorway to negotiate !

Its 200cms long and a nice deep 109cms so larger than most 6/8 seat dining tables .

Robert Heritage designed furniture for a number of British makers in the 1950s  , 60s and 70s  but is best known for his work for the top quality London maker Archie Shine . Archie Shine furniture was retailed by Heals and a few independent up-market  provincial retailers . Robert Heritage was also an influential Professor of Furniture at the Royal College of Art from 1974-1985 .

The Planar Range was introduced in 1967  and was considered radical at the time and didn’t sell in large numbers . The British economy was starting to struggle  and the Labour government greatly increased income tax for those with higher incomes which definitely affected the market for more expensive pieces . Many British furniture makers changed direction in around 1968 to make more affordable pieces .

We’ve cleaned and oiled the table , and had to repair some old damage . In one of the photos you’ll see 3 small patch repairs which we’ve had to do . You’ll only notice them if you look very closely  and we have taken them into account in our pricing of this lovely table .

The 6 Planar chairs are in the restoration queue as the backs need re-polishing and the bases need attention also . If you are interested in them just let us know .

For more information on Robert Heritage and Archie Shine see Lesley Jackson’s excellent book ” Modern British Furniture , Design since 1945 ” . It’s a really good book but as it covers the period from 1945 to 2013 it can’t possibly include every good designer and maker .


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