Scarce 1960s Meredew teak chest of drawers

Scarce 1960s Meredew teak chest of drawers

This stylish chest of drawers is in lovely vintage condition . All we needed to do was a give it a quick beeswax spray as it was a little dusty when it arrived . There were no marks or obvious scratches , just very minor signs of wear that you have to expect after 50 years if you scrutinise any piece very closely  , certainly nothing that would show up in a photograph .

We have 4 various Meredew catalogues from 1961 to 1968 and it’s not shown in any of them , nor could we find any of this model online . We always like recessed handles as they give a nice sleek minimalist look .

Meredew were a large successful British maker in the 1960s aiming mainly at the mid-market slightly conservative buyer . Most of their pieces though modern were slightly more traditional in look than G Plan , but now and again they came up with some really stylish pieces like this design . Maybe it was too modern for their target market and therefore didn’t sell in large numbers .

Its a good size at 81.5cms wide , 96.5cms high and 45.5cms deep

Price: SOLD

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