Scarce G Plan 1960s teak extending dining table with removeable legs

Scarce G Plan 1960s teak extending dining table with removeable legs .

This model is the only G Plan design with removeable legs , and isn’t seen very often . G Plan like most British makers preferred to sell dining tables with glued and screwed legs , and probably only 2 or 3 % of British tables from the 60s and 70s will have legs that can be easily and safely removed . The reverse is the case with Danish and other Scandinavian dining tables !

So if you’ve got a narrow doorway and a limited budget then this is the model to choose as it’s a lot cheaper than the equivalent Danish one would be . On occasions we’ve taken British mid-century dining tables up 4 or 5 flights of stairs ( most lifts are too small ! ) , only to find that we couldn’t get it through either a front door or an internal door . Sometimes there is enough turn behind a door to get 2 legs of a fixed table through then rotate it round to get the other 2 through . 1960s flats and conversions are usually the most difficult , and that’s probably why so many British people bought dropleaf tables , which are rarely found in Denmark !

G Plan used what they described as ” a special 2 shot polyurethane ” finish as it ” stood up to anything ! ” . We find that has rarely proved the case after 40 or 50 years of polishing , as it does gradually wear through particularly if some of the modern spray polishes are used . Also uneven fading can be an issue where bowls and vases have stood for years . This one had a few minor marks , and fading , so we stripped off the original finish , cleaned it , then gave it an oiled finish . We can go further and give it a waxed finish if you want more of a shine , but this will add to the price . We think the Danish oiled finishes are better as people are more careful , and they’re easier to clean . A blog is on it’s way soon !!

Its a comfortable 6 seater , and will take 8 at a push when extended .

The leaf will be a slightly different colour to the main table after many years of not being used , and therefore no sunlight fading .


Materials: teak

Dimensions: 127cms x 99cms + 43cms

Price: SOLD

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