Scarce White and Newton Arundel high sideboard in English Yew 1970

Scarce White and Newton Arundel high sideboard in English Yew 1970

Designed by the talented Phillip Hussey in 1969 and then available in teak or the more expensive yew veneers , either as a low sideboard or as in this case with the cupboard top . In yew in January 1970 this cost £125 4 shillings , which is over £2000 in todays money taking just price inflation into account . Price inflation doesn’t however include other elements such as scarcity of veneers and the cost of trained cabinetmakers which in the UK are now considerably higher than 40 or 50 years ago ! The teak version was 25% cheaper which at the time was a major price difference particularly at a time of high taxation for those on higher incomes .

It’s in good vintage condition with only a few minor scratches and other signs of wear which you have to expect after nearly 50 years of careful use . The yew is a lovely rich golden colour with a lovely grain.

This is only the second time we’ve seen a complete Arundel in yew and the first we have had for sale . We currently also have a teak sideboard base which is again the first one we’ve managed to buy . This design was used by White and Newton as the cover for their 1970 catalogue , but unfortunately wasn’t a commercial success at the time . It was probably too modern for the slightly conservative British market and was also not cheap at a time when the British economy wasn’t doing well and taxes high .

Its 145cms wide , 46cms deep and 175cms high



Price: £875

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