Selection of elegant Danish rosewood tables Haslev

Selection of elegant Danish rosewood tables Haslev.

By the quality Danish firm of Haslev, this was one of the most successful designs of table in Denmark. Its found in rosewood, teak and mahogany, but is at its best in rosewood. There are variations with drawers and shelves , and the tables came in numerous sizes.

Prices vary from £140 – £350

We can have the tables French polished for an additional charge.


152cm (w) 66.5cm (d) 50.5cm (h)
106cm (w) 55.0cm (d) 50.5cm (h)
86 cm (w) 55.0cm (d) 50.5cm (h)
70 cm (w) 45.0cm (d) 50.5cm (h)
59 cm (w) 35.5cm (d) 50.5cm (h)
57 cm (w) 37.0cm (d) 52.0cm (h)
35.5cm(w) 35.5cm (d) 39.0cm (h)

Materials: Rosewood

Price: £various

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