Set of 6 Danish style teak dining chairs Dalescraft designed by M.D.Walker re-polished

Set of 6 Danish style teak dining chairs Dalescraft designed by M.D.Walker re-polished

We’ve  published a blog on these chairs comparing them to  a model by A Younger compared with 2 designs by the famous Danish company of Moller .

This Dalescraft version is slightly rarer than the Younger model and far rarer than the Moller ones , but it is cheaper than the Danish ones which were the originals upon which they were undoubtedly based . Dalescraft under Malcolm David Walker produced some very good quality British furniture with a definite Danish influence on many occasions . Their pieces were sold at firms like Heals of London and other independent retailers , and would have been cheaper than their Danish equivalents but much more expensive than larger mid-market makers like G Plan and McIntosh . As a result their pieces are much rarer  . For a small firm making quality pieces in the 1960s they made a surprisingly large range of contemporary designs .

In lovely  condition having been cleaned and re-polished but with original upholstery . Our upholsterer can quote for re-upholstery . Dalescraft did also maker a carver version of this chair with arms , but as so often these are really rare as they would have been a lot more expensive . Most people bought only 4 dining chairs in the 1960s , and a few bought 6 , sets of 8 or more were really unusual at the time . It may be possible for us to make this into a larger set as we’ve recently bought a set of 4 .

In the main photo we’ve teamed this set of chairs with a Dalescraft extending teak dining table that we’ve recently had cleaned and oiled , but do have other lovely tables by Dalescraft , A Younger and others that would look equally good with them . Back in the 1960s most people did buy matching sets by the one maker , but we have bought sets where people mixed Dalescraft , A Younger and Danish pieces together as they were all of similar quality and can look good together particularly as they often shared the same basic design origins , particularly in this design .




Materials: teak

Price: SOLD

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