Set of 6 early 1960s A Younger Volnay dining chairs

Set of 6 early 1960s A Younger Volnay dining chairs

We bought this lovely set from the original owner who is now down-sizing . She had them re-upholstered c 1990 in a pink dralon so they do meet UK fire regulations .

The Volnay series was designed in 1956 and was produced up until c 1965 . Beautifully made from solid afromosia by  A Younger and designed by John Herbert they are not only comfortable but just that little better made than other dining chairs of the time . The seats don’t just drop in to the frames they’re actually held in by easily removed wing nuts , something we’ve only ever seen with this model . Although they have been re-upholstered it’s easy enough to have them re-done .

Afromosia is a slightly darker form of teak which was used by good British makers in the late 1950s and early 60s , and it’s a good hard wearing timber .

Some are slightly more faded than others . We do have 2 more available from a different set , so can make up a matched set of 8 if all re-upholstered to match .

Price: SOLD

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