Set of 6 Robert Heritage Bridgford chairs by Archie Shine

Set of 6 Robert Heritage Bridgford chairs by Archie Shine

This lovely set of 6 rosewood dining chairs were designed by one of Britain’s foremost furniture designers and made by the quality maker Archie Shine . Archie Shine pieces were retailed through top furniture stores such as Heals of London and in Newcastle by Chapmans of Siesta House who in the 1960s were the retailers of the best traditional and contemporary furniture . They date to the late 1960s .

They’re in vintage condition so the rosewood is a little faded , but otherwise in good condition and structurally sound . The upholstery is the original black vinyl , which although in good condition will not meet current UK fire regulations for upholstered furniture so if bought by a British buyer they will need to be re-upholstered . The last set we had were in a bright yellow dralon which along with vinyl was much more popular in the 1960s and 70s than it is today . Artificial fabrics and materials were thought to be better than natural materials and more forward thinking , today leather and wools etc are more fashionable ! They looked so good in bright yellow that our customer had them done in a similar colour in a Melton wool by Abraham Moon .

Our upholsterer would charge £300 to re-upholster the chairs to todays standards for UK fire regulations , or you can use your own upholsterer . We can advise on fabrics and arrange for samples from Abraham Moon , Camira , Romo , Warwick and the small independent Eleanor Pritchard . We can also have the rosewood frames cleaned and re-polished , which would add around £250 .

Upholstered back chairs with fully upholstered seats are more expensive to re-do for obvious reasons , but they’re much more comfortable . This model with its’s curving back not only adds interest and shape to the design it is also very nice to sit in and gives good support .

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