A Set of 8 G Plan 1960s teak dining chairs

A Set of 8 G Plan 1960s teak dining chairs.

This 8/10 seat teak dining table by A Younger of London was designed circa 1967 , and is a really smart design .
The 2 leaves store in the pull out ends when not in use . Like most British tables of this era the legs are fixed .
We’ve had the top cleaned and re-polished but there is still a small scratch that can’t be removed , but only seen on very close inspection .
We’ve matched it with 2 sets of 4 G Plan chairs of the same age . Its a model that is rarely seen , and as people rarely bought more than 4 dining chairs in the 60s , 8 are hard to find .

Table on its own £475 . TABLE RESERVED
We will clean and polish the chairs so that they will completely match in colour , and our price includes new fabric seats and upholstery . Have a look at our pureimaginations website for possible fabrics ( we’re allowing your choice at around £40-£50 a metre level by Moon or similar . Set of 8 chairs done £725 in total .

Materials: Teak

Price: SOLD

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