Set of 6 Mcintosh Dunfermline teak dining chairs

Set of 6 Mcintosh Dunfermline teak dining chairs, including two carvers.

The Dunfermline chairs were made by McIntosh from about 1965 into the 1970’s. We consider them to be the nicest of all the standard McIntosh dining chairs. The seats are a nice generous size, the design distinctive and unlike some models they’re sturdy.

They have had the frames cleaned and oiled and the seat pads have been re upholstered in a pure new wool by Abraham Moon. The weave is a lovely combination of gold, mustard and grey which looks lovely with the shades of the teak grain. They are photographed with the fully restored extending Mcintosh table which is listed separately.

We’ve checked a 1969 McIntosh price-list when a set of 6 would have cost you just over £70 which allowing for inflation is just over £1200 in today’s terms so more than what we’re asking.

Materials: Teak Wool

Dimensions: width 55cm, depth 50cm, height 80cm. Seat height 46cm, arm height 65cm at the front upto 67cm's at the back.

Price: SOLD

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