Six rosewood Mid Century dining chairs by A Younger

Six rosewood Mid Century dining chairs by A Younger. This lovely design is often thought to be Danish as it looks similar to the Moller 75 which must have inspired it. We’ve had sets of these mid century dining chairs a number of times before in teak.  Seen only occasionally in rosewood. Much heavier than the same model in teak, these rosewood ones have a lovely colour now that we’ve had them re-polished. The seats we have left in the dark brown vinyl they came with, these can be re upholstered in a fabric of your choice.

John Herbert was a talented designer who often came up with stylish mid-century designs. A Younger were one of the top names in contemporary British furniture at the time and their quality was well known. Their pieces were always top quality in the late 1950’s until c 1968 when they had to move down market as UK taxes for their typical customers went up considerably and the top end of the furniture market would have been badly hit.

Materials: Rosewood

Dimensions: Carvers width 55cm, depth 45cm, height 77cm. Standard width 50cm, depth 45cm, height 77cm.

Price: SOLD

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