Sleek 1960s vintage Vanson teak sideboard

Sleek 1960s vintage Vanson teak sideboard possibly designed by Peter Hayward in the early 1960s .

Vanson was the brand name for the medium sized quality British maker of W.G.Evans + Sons Ltd . The talented but apparently difficult Peter Hayward designed many of their pieces in the late 1950s , but Robert Heritage is also known to have designed for them at the time .

Whoever designed this particular sideboard came up with a stylish and beautiful piece which was then made by a top quality maker in Vanson . Vanson seemed to have been active mainly in the 1950s , but possibly closed or were taken over in the early to mid-1960s , as few of their pieces come up for sale that were made like this one in the 1960s .

The internal fitted drawers are a lovely feature , which along with the recessed handle design give it a minimalist sleek look which was rarely seen in British furniture at this time . The design was probably too ahead of its time , and would have been more expensive than pieces by better known larger makers like G Plan and McIntosh . We’d guess that when new this would have been similarly priced to pieces by A Younger and Dalescraft .

As we are avid collectors of vintage British furniture brochures we’re gradually learning more about the contemporary furniture industry in the 1960s . As yet we’ve not come across any for Vanson , and as it must have been quite a small maker at the time , selling from expensive independent stores like Heals there is probably very little ephemera to be found unfortunately .

Having spoken to a designer who worked with Peter Hayward in the early 1960s we have learnt that he was not an easy man to employ , and that indeed he ended up running his own small shop in the 1960s as he was unable to find anybody to employ him as a designer . Perhaps he was unwilling to sacrifice any of his ideas to make pieces more affordable as the market changed .

Unusually the doors can easily be removed as they simply lift off their hinges ! We have further photos available .

Being such a low sideboard means that’s ideal for use as a TV stand in a living room .

Materials: teak

Dimensions: 193cms long 45.5cms deep 71cms high

Price: SOLD

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