Sleek Austinsuite teak sideboard with sliding tambour doors 1965

Sleek Austinsuite teak sideboard with sliding tambour doors 1965

This lovely sideboard is a step up from the usual Austinsuite 1960s  sideboards both in quality and in it’s lovely clean lines . It’s possibly designed by Frank Guille who designed for a number of companies including Austinsuite . He definitely designed some smart wardrobes for Austinsuite with tambour doors in the early 1960s . We’ve found this model in a 1965 copy of The Cabinet Maker where it’s shown as Austinsuite but there is no mention of a designer , but unlike other makers they rarely do mention names . A number of British makers were offering up market ranges in the mid 1960s as the market for stylish British furniture was very strong until the economy took a hit in around 1967 .

It has a very clean Scandinavian look to it and we’ve seen it described as Danish before as this model is rarely labelled . It doesn’t come up for sale very often probably because it would have been more expensive than standard Austinsuite sideboards and wasn’t made for very long . Like a number of Danish designs the legs can be removed which is an unusual feature for a British sideboard . Most British sideboards are 18″ deep , which is around 46cms , but this one is much deeper at 52cms .

It’s been fully cleaned and oiled and is now looking really great . There are no obvious marks or scratches and it’s a nice colour . The sliding tambour doors are working well and all the internal drawers also .

Its 213.5cms long , 80cms high and 52cms deep .

Price: SOLD

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