Sleek Bath Cabinet Makers 1960s teak sideboard

Sleek Bath Cabinet Makers 1960s teak sideboard

See our blog about Avalon , Bath Cabinet Makers and Arkana who in the late 1960s were part of the same group . This is a model that we’ve not seen before , and it isn’t illustrated in the 1968 catalogue we have which shows 4 different models including 1 often wrongly described as Mogens Kold of Denmark for some unknown reason . It has the same base as one of the 4 , and from its design and construction it dates from around 1968-1972 .

Bath Cabinet Makers earlier models are well made but rather too quirky , whereas this one and others they made in the late 1960s are extremely stylish .

This one in very good vintage condition . The only thing that we noticed under very strong light ( in our photography area ) was that there is a slightly darker area to the centre of the top where a large bowl has probably stood , so slight uneven fading under sunlight .

Dimensions: 198cms long 45.5cms deep 74cms high

Price: SOLD

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