Sleek Bath Cabinet Makers late 1960s teak sideboard 198cms

Sleek Bath Cabinet Makers late 1960s teak sideboard 198cms

This is one of our favourite British sideboards from the 1960s so we’re really pleased to have another one . The last one we had was about 2 or 3 years ago . It’s 198cms long , 74cms high and 46cms deep . We’ve given it a clean and an oil as it was looking a little tired after some 50 years of use . It’s now looking perky and smart with no obvious marks or bad scratches , but you must expect to see some very minor signs of wear if you scrutinise it extremely closely .  It retains its Bath Cabinet Makers silver sticky label which some don’t , and is illustrated in the 1968 catalogue that we have in our collection , Unfortunately the catalogue didn’t come with a price list , so we don’t know how much it would have been when new .

Bath Cabinet Makers were an old established quality maker who in the late 1950s and early 1960s made some quirky large sideboards . Their designs from the late 1960s may not be quite as good a quality as their earlier pieces ,  but this and another model we have are nicely pared back and sleek in appearance . Maybe not the quality of A Younger and G Plan sideboards that were introduced in 1968 , but so much more stylish and rarer . As yet nobody has come up with  a designer to any of the BCM cabinet pieces which is a shame as whoever it was he or she was very talented . Its in the details that you might spot quality differences with more expensive makers , but its still well made and in comparison with what you can buy today without spending a fortune its a great piece .

At this date BCM was in the same group as Arkana , and the catalogue we have shows designs made by both companies .

Price: SOLD

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