Sleek White & Newton Chilgrove teak sideboard

Sleek White & Newton Chilgrove teak sideboard.

This is the rarely seen and sought after Chilgrove which was designed by Philip Hussey circa 1967. We think this is his most beautiful sideboard and it doesn’t come up for sale very often. The pared back simple design looks as if it could have been designed in the last 10 years rather than 50 years ago, but the construction and quality are features that you wouldn’t find today without paying far more than we’re asking. White and Newton like other good makers had a team of time served craftsmen who went through a 6 year apprenticeship and the veneers and timbers they used can’t be easily found today.

It’s in good vintage condition. White and Newton used a particularly heavy varnish which protected the surfaces well if people followed the recommended methods of cleaning suggested by most makers at the time. There are a few scratches to the top and very small marks and minor wear in places if you look very closely but we think it’s nearly as good as it can be for a piece that’s been used carefully for some 50 years. Unfortunately many people over the years started using silicone based sprays which damages the original varnish. We recommend a beeswax spray without silicones.  Polyurethane varnishes became popular in the mid 1960’s with makers such as G Plan, Beithcraft and others like White and Newton.

Most early 1960’s sideboards by good British makers like A Younger and Dalescraft, as well as later ones by McIntosh just have an oiled finish without varnish and are easier to clean if needed as a result. We prefer a natural oiled finish as it is more natural and if you’re careful it’s as good if not better in the long-term than a polyurethane finish.

To strip, clean and oil a White + Newton sideboard takes time and would add £250 to the price.


Materials: teak

Dimensions: 198cms long , 69cms high

Price: SOLD

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