A small 1960s Poul Cadovius teak wall system

A small 1960s Poul Cadovius teak wall system in lovely vintage condition .

The Danish designer Poul Cadovius is best known for his wall system designs , of which there are 2 main types . Along with Kai Kristiansen his are the best known wall systems that you will regularly see on the market . Poul Cadovius designed for France + Son , the quality Danish maker which he took over in c 1966 . He was a good designer , but not so great as a business man ! The large export market for Danish furniture was at it’s highpoint in the mid-60s , and started to decline and what had been a sizeable company didn’t last long after he took over .

It does need a solid wall to fix the 3 uprights to , which we don’t have in our photography area , so we’ve had to photograph set out on the ground . You will see various systems for sale online shown fixed to a wall , including 1 of similar size and content currently on Ebay priced at a lot more than we’re asking .

Each unit is 80cms wide , so the total width is around 160cms .

Materials: teak

Dimensions: 160cms wide

Price: SOLD

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