Small Jentique vintage teak sideboard 127cms circa 1970

Small Jentique  vintage teak sideboard 127cms circa 1970. This seems to be the smallest standard British teak sideboard made by a mainstream maker in the 1960s or 1970s . G Plan didn’t make any of less than 5ft length ( 152.5cms ) , and McIntosh also . We’ve not seen any by other large makers such as Younger , Austinsuite , Nathan , Beautility or White + Newton anywhere near as small as this one .

We’ve got a Jentique 1975 catalogue , and it’s the shortest on sale from them , as the next one up is again 5ft . In 1975 it was available at £75 , which in today’s money is just under £720 , so our price means that it’s still great value .

It’s in good vintage condition , with no obvious heat or water marks , bad scratches or any other visible damage apart from one small knock to the back edge , but that’s not really noticeable  . You must expect some signs of wear after some 40 years of use , so if you want it looking as good as possible , we can give it a light clean and oil it , which would add £65 to the price , or go a stage further and have the top wax polished for another £40 .

Jentique were based in Dereham in Norfolk , and we know nothing as yet about about any designer , but do assume from the design that this model could have been made any time from c 1965 to the late 1970s .

Materials: teak veneer

Dimensions: 127.5cms long , 74.5 high 44.5 deep

Price: SOLD

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