Smart 1960s Randers Mobelfabrik Danish teak sideboard

Smart 1960s Randers Mobelfabrik Danish teak sideboard

This one isn’t stamped but we found one in the US that was . It was described as being a Kurt Ostervig design , but although he designed for Randers so did other Danish designers and we could find no proof that it was by him . The planked front is a typical Randers feature and there are a couple of known Ostervig designs using this idea , but another of their regular designers Harry Ostergaard also designed planked pieces for them .

Lovely quality as you’d expect from a known Danish maker like Randers . We’ve given it a light clean and oiled it so now it’s in beautiful condition . When we got it , it was in nice vintage condition with no obvious marks or scratches , just a little dirty after some 50 years of careful use .

These sideboards weren’t made in large numbers and don’t turn up for sale very often , and we only found the US one when making a google picture search . The clean lines and quality detailing are what we always look for in the best sideboards . Minimalist simplicity is surprisingly hard to achieve and never dates or looks kitsch .

It’s 203cms wide , 87cms high and 46cms .

Price: SOLD

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