Smart Dalescraft solid afromosia teak dining table c 1960

Smart Dalescraft solid afromosia teak dining table c 1960

Not this one , but we now have another awaiting a light clean and polish . It will comfortably seat 6 . We’ve seen this model used with bench seating , and this does allow you to have a few more round it , particularly kids !

The legs are fixed on these usually , but it should be possible to remove the top for easier delivery , although we prefer not to .

In the late 1950s and early 60s Dalescraft mainly used solid afromosia which is sometimes also known as African teak¬† although it’s actually a bit darker than the teak you normally see which wasn’t used by British makers until c 1962 . At this date Dalescraft and one or two other similar premium makers were using solid timbers rather than veneers on their pieces so the quality is superb , as were the standard of the woods that they used .

Designed by Malcolm David Walker who was owner and designer of Dalescraft at this time , and made in their factory in Pudsey in Leeds .

Price: £475 CLEANED

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