Smart set of 8 1970s rosewood dining chairs

Smart set of 8 1970s rosewood dining chairs.

We’ve re-upholstered this lovely smart set of 8 dining chairs in a good quality fabric so they’re now ready to fit in to your home . The colour is neutral without being bland , and should fit with most decorative schemes . We can send you a sample .

We don’t know the make or the designer , but they’re very good quality and with their contoured upholstered backs they’re really comfortable . Most people in the 1960s and 70s only bought sets of 4 or 6 dining chairs , so its good to get a really nice original set of 8 that we can offer at a very sensible price . Named pieces of this quality will always cost more than those by unknown ones , yet these are of equal quality , comfort and still make a statement for less than you’d pay for a standard new set by quality makers like Ercol .

Materials: Rosewood

Price: SOLD

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