Stylish early 1960s teak and Formica sideboard by CWS

Stylish early 1960s teak and Formica sideboard by CWS

Really nice feature is the “hidden” Formica fronted drawers that just look like a decorative detail . CWS  better known as the Co-Op  had a couple of very large furniture factories in the 1950s and 1960s churning out very traditional pieces , but occasionally they produced something really unusual like this lovely model and another contemporary sideboard that also comes up for sale very occasionally . At the moment we haven’t found out who the designer is , but whoever they are they’re very accomplished . See our blog about the 2 models

Two interesting early 1960s sideboards from CWS

The grey and white Formica has a stylish pattern reminiscent of designs by Jacqueline Groag and is in lovely vintage condition . The teak to the front has a particularly nice grain . The teak has been cleaned and oiled and some slight damage to the back of the top has been repaired so it looks really great . The base is light beech rather than teak and this gives a nice contrast with the teak veneers .

It’s 183cms long , 83cms high and 43cms deep .


Price: £650

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