Stylish A Younger afromosia coffee table c 1960

Stylish A Younger afromosia coffee table c 1960

It’s not labelled but then many Younger pieces aren’t , and it’s not illustrated in the 1964 catalogue we have , but stylistically and the way it’s constructed make us very certain that it’s by them . Firstly it’s in solid afromosia a wood that they and only a couple of other companies used in the late 1950s and early 60s . There are also features of the design that are very similar to those used in designs by John J Herbert who was their design director for many years from the mid 1950s . Also the way its made underneath looks like a Younger piece .

Afromosia is a dark teak like wood that was used by a few of the best  British makers of contemporary in the late 1950s and early 60s . Guy Rogers used it for sofas and chairs , Fyne Ladye for their furniture and a few others also . The use of solid timber rather than veneers is something that on the whole ended in the mid 1960s due to cost .

We love the floating top design that gives it a lovely simple elegance . Also the slight upturn of the ends . This definitely was not a cheap piece of furniture when it was new . It’s in beautiful condition with no marks or scratches .

Materials: solid afromosia

Dimensions: 159cms long 45 deep and 48.5 high

Price: SOLD

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